Glass Bead Sterilizers


  • Our products are modular in design, available with Pre-Set Temperature and adjustable temperature mode. preferred by Dentists, ENT Professionals and Dermatologists. It takes just 10 seconds to sterilize small instruments like forceps, scalpels, tweezers, and needles etc.
  • Our GLASS BEAD STERILIZERS are Absolutely safe, effective and no mess-ups. No need to fire extinguishers near the hood. Can avoid flamed finger, neither burning of hood surfaces nor burn of hairs on forearms (inherent danger with flames and alcohol).
  • No bacterial carryover problems can avoid spores in alcohol and spreading of some bacterial that appear to be alcohol resistant.
  • Specially good to use GLASS BEAD STERILIZER in laboratories where you have a lot of students or trainees who may not have practical manual dexterity to keep from flaming themselves and or the alcohol.